Dreams were meant to be achieved.

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Tic toc, tic toc, the time keeps marching on. I have read of one time in history when time stood still. That my friend, was a miracle from almighty God. It has not happened again since that time and I could be wrong, but I do not believe it will ever happen again. At least not to give you another chance at perusing your destiny.

I am a firm believer that each and everyone of us has unique talents and driving forces that call out to us, to become what we were meant to be. I do not believe in predestination but I do believe we were put right here in this day and age, at this location, surrounded by these exact people, for us to fulfill a purpose.

What that purpose is, only you can know for sure.

The hours and minutes from yesterday are gone. What we have is NOW. The future is not promised but we will have faith that the actions we take will produce the results of divine proportions.

You have to start taking actions towards your goals now. The thing about taking action is that no matter how big or small of a step you take towards your goals, It is still progress.

Small baby steps. Awesome, nothing wrong with them. They will keep you motivated and inspire you onto the bigger, more pronounced, steps that will launch you closer to the person your meant to be.

I had a proud parent moment last night.

My daughter, my wife, and I were talking about some future events that were about to unfold and my daughter kept saying this is going to happen and that is going to happen. What my daughter was saying was the home run, grand slam, game winning touchdown pass, best case scenario. So my wife and I were like it may not happen that way so do not be disappointed if it does not go as planned. Here come the proud parent part….my daughters response was “It might not happen like that but I’m going to keep speaking it into existence; it for sure wont happen if I say that its not going to.” That is when I came out with a biggo ATTA GIRL. Her mom was like do not get your dad started.

PMA Positive mental attitude. If this is the first time you ever heard that phrase, then you need to do some research on it.

My point in saying all of that is you have to take actions even small actions that look like they are not producing results at all. I listen to the motivational videos on my way to take the kids to school and had no idea it was rubbing off that much on my daughter.

What will others think about me?

First of all, it does not matter. They are going to think about you what they will no matter if your trying to change the world or if your sitting on your couch watching tv.

Even so from my experience we fabricate these negative thoughts of what we think others will think about us when in fact most of the time they are secretly rooting for us. It gives them hope that they could have the courage to do the same thing.

It is very easy to stagnate and not take action because of how we think it will affect our image in society.

Your going to fail, But that is ok.

It took Thomas Edison over 1000 tries to get the light bulb invention working. One reporter ask him how it made him feel knowing that he failed 1000 times? He simply answered I did not fail, I found 1000 ways not to make a light bulb.

Do not let fear of failing keep you from taking action right now. Know that it is a possibility, and change your mindset about failing. All the way through life we are taught to fear failing. If we fail its the end and its a bad thing. Don’t get me wrong if you quit after failing it is bad. However, we should see failing as an opportunity to learn. Get back up wipe the dirt off your knees and don’t make the same mistake that made you fail the last time.

Eventually you will have failed enough to know how to not fail. Counter intuitive to what most people think, there is no limit as to how many times you can try and you will only get better and faster at getting back to the level you failed at each time you try.

Another reason people may not chase their dreams is that they think they have to be perfect or an expert at whatever it is they are perusing. Look forward in time and vision the person you want to become, the expert. You do not have to know everything before you start. Don’t let that be a crutch for you to lean on.

I’m waiting for this or I’m waiting for that before I start.

While your waiting for the moon and stars to line up before you take action. Time is slipping away. There will never be an easy or convenient time or situation.

There’s no problem with trying to plan, but start taking some kind of action now. Even small steps that will boost your confidence and make you feel better than just doing nothing.

Like the saying on your mirror, objects are closer than they appear. Your dreams are closer than they appear.

Let’s not fall into the trap of setting up auto pilot while we wait for the perfect algorithm in life to give us the go ahead for success.

Do it now. Do it with HARD WORK.

Take a dry erase marker and write exactly what you want on your bathroom mirror. That way every single morning your start off with that fresh in your mind.

To make a major change in your life all it takes is making the small everyday choices that point in the direction of your targeted dreams or aspirations on a consistent daily basis.

I leave you on this one note.

I want you to understand that all I’m asking for from you is that you get in touch with your inner self and ask this hard question. Am I living up to my potential or am I robbing myself of the life God wants me to experience?

There is nothing at all wrong with having acceptance of where you are at currently in life. If where you are at in life is where you want to be, then I applaud you and envy you.

I just personally don’t feel like we were put on this earth to spend most of our time wishing away 5 days out of the week. There is nothing wrong with the 9-5, 5 days a week. I do it now and have for the last 16 years, every since I got out of high school. Just be sure that the 9-5 you are working, is working for you and not turning you into someone you don’t want to be.

Those co-workers are your audience make sure you are molding them or at least being the example they need in this dark world, and that they are not molding you into a person you would not be proud of. I have another post that talks more about that here if you would like to check it out. Be intentional in your thoughts.

Here is another post with some great books to read that will help encourage and keep your mind right. Books that change lives.

2 thoughts on “Dreams were meant to be achieved.

  1. You know you are capable of great things. You know that under the right circumstances you could go far. You believe in yourself and what you can accomplish. You may have a picture of yourself in your mind s eye: a vision of making your dreams a reality, of achieving the success you know could be yours. It s time to stretch yourself; to grow and allow yourself to develop. Think of this as a journey of self-discovery. Here are five powerful tips to get you on the road to becoming the person you were meant to be.


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