Are gutter guards worth the cost?

The answer is yes. For what your going to pay to have gutter guards put on your gutters to protect the gutters from failing is a very small amount compared to what it will cost to have a major problem fixed from water damage.

Lets get hypothetical. (But realistic)

If you were to have gutter guards put on your house, lets say it cost $2000. Thats a $2000 investment to save your biggest asset and your families living quarters.

Ok, so now lets say you don’t put the guards put on. You never go out and clean your gutters or pay $200 twice a year to have your gutters cleaned (which is what it would cost to keep the gutters cleaned properly).

Fast forward 2 years down the road when the gutters start to fail because of backed up downspouts.

  • That water is now washing out the dirt that is holding your foundation in place.
  • That water is running down your walls and behind the vinyl siding, ruining the wood.
  • That water is causing perfect conditions for termites to breed.
  • That standing water in the gutters is great for mosquito’s to breed.

This will go unnoticed for years before the affects become visible. Once it becomes visible it is too late. Now is were the regret of not spending the $2000 for gutters guards come into play.

Because now you are paying $10K + to get the previously mentioned issues fixed. I can tell you from experience just the termite treatment alone would cost $700 initial treatment and $100 annuall inspection just to keep the guaranteed protection plan in affect. You don’t even want to know what it would cost to have the house re leveled and footer support cement poured.

It just makes sense. However, most people do not even think about gutter guards because they have gutters and think they will work. They will but not without the proper care and in some cases especially with the elderly that cant climb on ladders and inspect their gutters for clogs, the care the gutters need is too much for the home owner to handle.

How much does it cost to have gutter guards installed?

It varies depending on which product you go with, which contractor you use, how big your house is. Many different things can have an affect on how much it cost to have gutter guards put on your house. But just to give you a rough estimate it should be somewhere in the ball park of $10-$15 per linear ft.

What is the best leaf guard for gutters?

The best system that is on the market today is the Xtreme gutter guard with mico mesh from LeafSolutionUSA. What makes them the best is the patented miter accessories that only they can provide. These are the top of the line product for catching all the water the gushes down the valleys and collects in corner where the two roof pitches meet.

They also have another premium product called Evelyns LeafSoultion PRO. It is available in more colors. I have personally seen both of these products taking in 60 gallons of water per minute.

They come in fascia mount and under the shingle.

Roofers review of the LeafSolution

Don’t just take my word for it, ask around to your neighbors and friends and see it they would recommend having guards put on the gutters. For the ones who have already made the leap , I believe you would be surprised at how highly they are recommended.