Books that change lives

  • The Dream Giver
  • The 5 love languages
  • What to say when you talk to your self
  • This present darkness | Piercing the darkness
  • The magic of thinking big

First off I’ll go ahead and tell you that I am not a writer so you will find all kinds of mistakes in my work. If your looking to read some great masterpiece that is perfect, you probably are not going to find it here. Ok, so now thats been said if your still interested in reading on then lets do it.

In my life I have read a few books that have made big impacts on me. Some that were just good fiction novels, some were mental improvement, some were relationship books.

This list will cover a variety of topics and the reason I am writing this is to let you guys know about the books that I have read that have really stuck with me through the years and have changed the way I go through my daily life. If you give them a chance I’m sure you will see the value that they offer.

I know what you’re thinking.. I’m not a big reader. Well, to be honest with you I am not either but there is something about picking up a book and not being able to lay it down that gets your brain into action mode. I’ll ask you to do this, Please just look through the whole list.

There is going to be some that you’re not interested in and that’s perfectly fine. On the other hand, you may find one that speaks directly to your soul and creates or sparks a fire in you. If that happens please share it with someone else because it could be the thing they need in their life at that moment. A lot of the books on the list have been ones that were recommended to me by someone else at some point.

I’m going to go ahead and mention the Bible. It’s not going to officially be on the list but that in no way makes it unimportant. The Bible is God’s voice speaking to us in the written form. God is the master of our lives and has generously given us the history of creation, the fall of man, birth of Jesus Christ, redemption of man, and many encouraging pieces of writing all included in the Bible. If you don’t know about God’s saving grace and would like to know more please contact me and I’ll be glad to tell you all about it, and the Bible.


Lets get started. This book is a quick, easy, and simple read. The writing style is neat. The story is based on a guy named Ordinary that lives in the land of familiar. One day the Dream Giver gives Ordinary a big dream. Ordinary then must find ways to fulfill his dream while being faced with Best Friend that tries to talk sense into Ordinary, telling him that that dream is too big. He must overcome the Blue Box that he comes home and watches every night. In short it’s about pursuing you dreams despite the obstacles you have to hurdle.


This book is hands down the best relationship book I have ever read. I didn’t read this book because I was having relationship issue. I read this book because every time I turned around I was hearing about it. I thought to myself, what is the big deal about it. So I went and got the book and read it. Like I said before I didn’t read it because of relationship issue but none the less, it improved it even more. Gary explains the actions and reasons why you can be honestly trying everything you know to make a relationship work but still be failing at it. Your probably doing what fills up your love tank and not what fills up your partners love tank. Have you ever heard “treat others the way you want to be treated” well, that may not always be what they need. Give this book a chance, even if you don’t need the help it can help you understand why things are good and can be even better.


The title says it all. When your all alone with nothing but you and your thoughts, what are you telling yourself? If you ever want to have control over your life, the first thing you have to do is control your thoughts. You have to control what you think about yourself. You will believe everything your mind tells you. How do I control my thoughts? It’s simple you have to train yourself to realize when your being negative and sometimes it happen subconsciously. For example, if you have a chair in the middle of your walk way and you stump your toe on it, eventually your going to realize the chair is the problem and move it out of the way. If we keep stumbling over negativity evenually we have to figure out how to remove the negativity. Check this book out it gives plenty of pointers on how to do just that.


If your looking for your next fiction novel to read then look no further. Frank Peretti has written the best spiritaul warfare book you will find. As his story line unfolds the scene will switch back and forth from the Natural Realm to the Spiritual Realm showing how true the scripture can be when it says we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities,against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world. Its an eye opener for sure. The first book is about a corrupt town and how it came to be. The second book is about a good group of people that stand up and decide to break up the evil that has over taken the town.


No matter what it is your doing in your life even if it seems miner and insignificant you need to start thinking bigger. Try to see the big picture and imagine yourself a part of it. What ever your situation is, your a direct reflection of your thinking. There is always going to be someone smarter, faster, more talented, better looking. None of that matters if they have Stinkin Thinkin. You can work ten times harder and not get the results you want, If your mind says there something to learn here then you will grow. If you mind tells you that working harder does’nt change anything then you will probably give up.

Get your read on and help save the world, change peoples lives, Ya know SUPERHERO STUFF.